Friday, 13 January 2012

Sale Items #2

These are yet more items I managed to find in the poor Christmas sales. Apologies they have taken far too long to post but have been quite busy for once this year! I also need to do some outfit posts but I haven't done one before and I am not very photogenic!
River Island Purse:
RRP: £13.00 SALE: £7.00
I just know all my friends would hate this and call it tacky, i'm not sure if it is tacky or not but I definitely love it! I bought it for a 'nights out purse' as its smaller than my daytime purses and hasn't fallen apart like my other evening purses. It has space for all my coins, notes and cards, not that I really take cards out on a night out, except my casino membership card. Yes, I now love a bit of a drunken gamble! Done quite well recently I must add ;) I bought it from the new River Island accessories boutique in the Victoria Centre Nottingham, I really like the idea of having a store just for bags, shoes, jewellery, hats, make-up etc. especially as I am on an accessory hype at the moment!

River Island Bag/Make-Up Bag:
RRP: £20.00/£28.00? (Anyone know?!) SALE: £10.00
Not sure how much this was prior to the sales but I wanted a new make-up bag. I swap make-up bags so so often, I get bored quite easily. This is a faux leather bag, with a gold zip and gold studs and yes, that is a detachable handle too! I don't know if I would ever take off the handle but I like the option of being able to remove it! 

River Island Fur Headband:  
RRP: £13.00 SALE: £3.00
This was yet another purchase from the River Island Accessory Boutique. I already have a fur headband that I bought from topshop last year (2010) for about £16.00 that I wore constantly but haven't touched this year (2011/12) but for £3.00 I couldn't resist, in love with dalmatian prints at the moment too.

New Look Coat:
RRP: £49.99 SALE: £10.00
I have just realised how frumpy this coat looks here but in real life looks so much better. I will have to do an outfit post wearing it. Not 100% sure on this coat yet but for £10.00 what a bargain!

The Body Shop Body Butter:
RRP: £12.50 SALE: £5.00
I bought this brazil nut body butter whilst browsing in the body shop, it's literally one of my favourite smells in the world! This tub is huuuuge, but I get through lotions, milks, butters and so on really quickly, I lather on loads whilst i'm getting ready and let it do its magic, then rub it all in properly. Wish I had bought a couple more now, need pay day now.

Topshop Earrings:
RRP: £8.50 SALE: £4.25
IN LOVE WITH THESE. Worn them every night out I have been on since boxing day (which is a lot!). These are the earrings I grabbed at the tills in this post here. I love topshop sale jewellery! Need to go to outfit and stock up really.



  1. Love all your purchases. I need some more body butter, i think i would probably end up eating the brazil nut one though!

    Holli x

  2. Great purchases. I love body butter from Body shop they all smell so amazing :)

  3. Lovely things! I love posts like this. xxx

  4. Some fab purchasesv- I love the furry headband!

  5. i have this coat! and am also not sure about it..but like you said for a tenner...couldn't resist :)

  6. some great finds! i love the earings!x

  7. love the jacket! such a bargain :)


  8. I love love love those topshop earrings, and the river island makeup bag xx

  9. love the earrings! great choices!

    chlo @chlowitty blogs
    having a small giveaway too!

  10. Hey lovely :) Just letting you know that I nominated your blog for the Kreativ Blog Award over on my blog :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  11. some great finds, wish I had some spare £ to attack the sales myself

    Serendipity Style Blog

  12. oh my gosh what a great buy that jacket is. PERFECT colour too

  13. I LOVE the earrings and the leopard print purse - it's not tacky!
    Thank you for your lovely comment, really made me smile :)


  14. Wow you did so well in the sale! That Leopard print purse is GORGEOUS it's just the right size for something so loud I love it! The earrings are amazing too, next time can you go sale shopping for mee please? You obviously have the eye for great bargains!