Friday, 4 January 2013

2013 - Here We Go!

So, it's 2013, yippeeeee! Looking forwards to this year, back to being a skint uni student soon, yes I mean SKINT, I currently have £1.57 to my name, everyone's chasing, i'm so rich! But besides this, I am loving being a student, met so many great new people, Leeds is a great city and the independence is fantastic and much needed. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Years,  I for one have eaten waaaay too much, not proud, but it's happened and been getting far too regrets...
Here are a few snaps from my NYE anyway, messssssy night!
 Being immature
 Me and Kate (start of the night photo's at the end surprisingly!)
Dress I bought for £25 at the clothes show live by Goldie London

What i'm looking forwards to/planning this year:

  • A holiday to Malia this year with my uni girls but that is dependent on me finding a job in Leeds as well as me keeping my lifeguard job in Nottingham. My, £1.57 won't get me halfway into town, let alone another country!
  • Joining the volunteer scheme through my uni course to help children with disabilities, along with training for it.
  • Leeds festival! Have been to reading the past couple of years but going to Leeds and living the 'proper festival experience' would be amazing! (and a total binge haha)
  • A trip to Turkey with the family is potentially on the cards?! Here's hoping! 
  • To reconnect with this blog, it's been neglected for far too long now!
  • To get a job in Leeds! ANYTHING! Spent the past two weeks listing my wardrobe on ebay and it has been SO painful, said goodbye to some gems, including my 90210 and Gossip Girl box sets :( Desperate times, eh?
  • Ok, big one here, NY lose weight. I'm not saying i'm 'fat' or 'large' but personally I don't feel comfortable with my body how it is at the moment so I am going to try my best to make a conscious effort to eat healthier and do more exercise in order to change this.
  • Sort out a house to live in come September for uni, exciting! Found a few to view but we are already all in disagreement!