Wednesday, 30 November 2011

OPI Muppets - Excuse Moi!

So I bought the mini Muppets OPI set and boy were they miniatures! At first inspection the size of the polishes were disappointing, but when applying 'Excuse Moi!' I decided the sizes were decent because I hardly ever get through the full bottle of polish unless it's trusty black or nude. So size really doesn't matter after all! ;)

The first shade I have tried out is 'Excuse Moi!' which is the pink glitter shade. I love anything pink and anything glittery so this combination for me is genius!

(small bottle really isn't doing anything for my already chubby fingers)

The polish applied really well, this is a glitter polish with only 2 coats and no colour underneath - impressive! There is a variation of glitter pieces, sizes and colours which I love. It was really easy to apply despite my attempt here where it is clearly not perfect! I was in a rush for work as usual. I then used a clear top coat to even the base and to seal all the beautiful glitter :) xoxo

Thursday, 24 November 2011


Painted my nails as I bought the new(ish) Barry M gold nail paint!

Not perfect by any means but quite different! :) Were very tricky to paint and my nail art pen is starting to go all gloopy so I had to add nail varnish remover to help make it more 'runny' so it was easier to use.

I used:

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Me & Zena Haul

Late post but I thought I would show you what I bought from Me & Zena around Halloween time! I had never bought anything from Me & Zena before but with 50% off Halloween promotion, I couldn't really resist.

Anyway, my goodies came through the letterbox in this bright pink bag which I loved, got me really excited to open it! I was also impressed by the pretty little bags each piece came packaged in.

Leopard Necklace - £19 (I paid £9.50)

Vampire Teeth Necklace - £14 (I paid £7) - Probably my favourite purchase!

Maze Charm - £4 ( I paid £2) I have used this as a key ring for my car keys! It's a mini maze game with a moving ball! Got a bit too over excited for this!

Finally, as it was Halloween, I was promised a free gift which is always a bonus! I was hoping for a small piece of jewellery if i'm being honest This is what I received...
After deliberating whether to place this into my mouth or into my bath, I read the ingredients and saw a whole list of E numbers, I decided to eat it, was quite tasty actually! Really happy with this bunch and can't complain with 50% discount and a giant pumpkin sweet!

Have you ever bought anything from Me & Zena? xoxo

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Just knocked over an open nail polish without noticing and it has leaked all over my bedroom carpet! Any tips of how to remove nail polish stains from carpets?! Below is a picture of the damage and the offending product!

And this is what happened after I scrubbed it, with several cleaning products....
I clearly didn't help the situation. What should I do? Please help me! xoxo

OH Mickey, you're so fine

This was my attempt at Mickey Mouse nails! Really easy one to do and got lots of nice comments about them, although these came mainly from 6 year olds at work, but still, a compliment is a compliment! I used Barry M - 134 yellow and the wonderful Models Own nail art pen. xoxo

Friday, 4 November 2011

little red

I am not normally a big lipstick fan at all, but in the past few weeks, I have been wearing them much more! I recently picked up this BRIGHT RED shade from boots, how brave am I getting?! I do, really like this shade but it's definitely one I would keep for nights out, don't think I'm brave enough to wear this in broad daylight yet! I do definitely rate this lipstick but i wish it was more moisturising, it seemed to dry my lips out a little. Sorry half my head is chopped of the photograph, I am slightly allergic to cats and I live with three, when the photo was taken, I had two great big swollen eyes! Oh, what a way to enhance a photo!

 Barry M - Shade 121 - £4.49

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

new makeup

My first set of new beauties came through the post this morning! I will post about some other new buys later on today. Got so many things i'm waiting for in the post at the moment so stalking the postman is definitely a normality for me right now. All the items in the following photo, I bought from a blog sale held by Amy. I bought them all for £6.50 inc postage, which is not bad at all! Once again, apologies for the dodgy image!

I bought:
- No7 lipstick in 'Brigette' which is a pastel pink colour but unfortunately looks too light on my skin tone as I am fairly tanned.
- Barry M nail paint shade '134' which is a sunshine yellow colour.
- Models Own nail varnish shade 'Red n Black' which is definitely more black than red but I have wanted a shade like this for a while, so I applied it as soon as it arrived!
- MAC eye shadow colour 'Digit' which is not the usual colour eye shadow I opt for. Unless I am going on a night out, I stick to a trusty neutral beige eye shadow or avoid it completely but this shade is cute and more pigmented than I expected, it seems a good product to guide me into the winter months!
Overall I am very impressed (especially with free sweets!) and now always have my eyes open for blog sales! 
If anyone knows of any good ones going at the moment or has one themselves, please leave a comment, I would love to check it out! xoxo