Wednesday, 11 January 2012

January Feel Unique Beauty Box

My first beauty box of 2012 arrived this morning, the Feel Unique box. I have always promoted the FU boxes to people I know and to other bloggers but the past 2 months boxes I have felt really disappointed with and for me, nothing has really felt exciting but I know other people have been quite impressed.

Lierac Coherence Lift Infrared Lifting Cream
£56.55 - 50ml
Sample: £8.48 - 15ml
So, this is an infrared lifting cream helping skin regain firmness. The infrared factor does sound interesting but i'm only 18 so 'age-defense' products don't appeal to me yet so this will probably be one for my swaps basket.

Dead Sea Spa Magik Salt Brushing
£12.25 - 500g
Sample: £1.70 - 2 x 50 ml 
I really like samples like these that are usable for most people. This is a scrub that exfoliates and helps to reduce cellulite and relaxes you. I have tried this before and liked it so was happy to receive in this months box. The scent is really nice too and I like how the sample has been given in 2 sachets rather than one larger on so that if its not something you wont use after sampling, you can give it to someone else rather than wasting.

Caudalie Vinotherapie Nourishing Body Lotion
£21.50 - 400ml
Sample: £2.83 - 30ml
I love body lotion, so appreciate more of it! This is a nourishing body lotion that helps to soften, tone and radiate. It has a quite soapy, clean scent and is once again perfect handbag size. I quite like Caudalie as a brand and have enjoyed a few samples previously so i'm sure this wont let me down either.

Phyto PhytoBaume Colour Protect Express Conditioner
£10.20 - 150ml
Sample: £1.80 - 20ml
I enjoy haircare samples the most and will definitely try this out, It is aimed at coloured/highlighted hair helping to lock in colour and prevent fading. My hair is always coloured so I am looking forwards to seeing how this works. 

Green People Gentle Cleanse
£8.95 - 50ml
Sample: £3.58 - 20ml
I have several cleansers cluttering up my room at the minute, i'm quite naughty and don't cleanse properly a lot of the time, so I doubt I will use much of it but I will definitely test. It is a make-up remover and cleanser and is also organic. It smells of aloe vera, chamomile and marshmellow! A bit of a mixture but why not?!

EXTRA: I like getting extras but this is another anti-wrinkle product that i am not going to use. Bring back perfume samples! 

What's this box worth? - £18.39

Overall, in this box there are some pretty usable items but nothing stands out, I hate getting anti-aging products too. I think feel unique are playing it 'safe' at the moment but it doesn't do it for me. Looking forwards to my Carmine box. I'm debating dropping the FU box but I will wait to see what we receive next month. What do you think of this months box? xoxo


  1. I was really disappointed with it! I wasn't keen on any of the products and have been much more impressed with my carmine box :-) x

  2. Aww, it's a shame you're not that happy with it! Still, you know what they say, the earlier you start your anti-ageing routine the later your wrinkles will appear!

    Pip x

  3. I'm not too keen on this box really, a bit of a disappointment in my opinion! xx

  4. LOVE IT!!

  5. Heya! love this blog really want to try out the dead spa masks too...I have awarded the Leibster blog so feel free to take a look:-) Hollie xox

  6. I love your blog....

    I have given it an award here: