Monday, 9 April 2012

Rings and Tings

Moustache Necklace*
Skull Earrings*

If you haven't heard of Rings and Tings yet, seriously, get yourself over to their site! They stock clothing, jewellery, bags and beauty items and they are flipping reasonably well priced too. They have some great pieces in stock at the moment, some really quirky bits, how amazing is this ring?! I would quite like to try out some of the eyelashes that they sell too. On payday, when it finally arrives, i'm definitely treating myself to a few bits off their website. Great quality and so well priced, can't go wrong really!
Have you ever bought anything from Rings and Tings? xoxo

Friday, 6 April 2012

wishlist 2

Sorry for no post in nearly 2 weeks! I have been really busy, making the most of the sun, then once the Easter holidays began, I spent my whole week at work and now I am a little bit poorly, booo. Hopefully I will be able to squeeze in a few more posts this week! Not really able to afford any of the following on my wish list for a while as I have literally wasted my wages this month, have finally booked Amsterdam and would like some spending money for that, but still, I can dream.

001. Khaki Pocket Shorts from Topshop. Although I have only just bought 3, yes 3, pairs of khaki shorts, I want more! These are longer in length and I think the pocket detail is great. I think the white drawstring tie give these a really sporty casual look too.

002. Peace Vest from Topshop. Still so so so into dip dye clothes at the moment and and vest tops with love arms I love, especially as i can flash my tattoo off now! This top would go with so many things, short shorts or jeans for a casual look and I can think of a few black skirts I have that I could dress it up with.

003. Pink Plastic Raincoat from Miss Selfridge. Need this in time for festivals this year! I'm going to Reading and hopefully Summer Sundae too. I need a new raincoat and this is bright pink, possibly I could justify buying this...

004. Gold Triangle Studs from Topshop. Is it just me or are triangles the thing going? Genuinely I am triangle obsessed. I quite want a triangle tattoo too. Then again I want loads of tattoos. I just want everything really!

005. Dip Dye Tunic from Topshop. On the website this says petite but I have seen a non-petite version in store. Love this but I know I would wear it one time and then be over it. Or maybe not? I don't know but i want it! 

006. Scarf Print Playsuit from River Island. I would most likely only wear this on a night out and then complain about toilet hassles of playsuits! I like how the print runs down the centre of the suit and need some more classy items in my wardrobe asap! 

Also, is it really bad that I want this top? What's better than a vest top with a picture of Barbie, Ken and the rest of their plastic crew?! Probably quite a lot really.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway too if you haven't already!  xoxo