Wednesday, 2 November 2011

new makeup

My first set of new beauties came through the post this morning! I will post about some other new buys later on today. Got so many things i'm waiting for in the post at the moment so stalking the postman is definitely a normality for me right now. All the items in the following photo, I bought from a blog sale held by Amy. I bought them all for £6.50 inc postage, which is not bad at all! Once again, apologies for the dodgy image!

I bought:
- No7 lipstick in 'Brigette' which is a pastel pink colour but unfortunately looks too light on my skin tone as I am fairly tanned.
- Barry M nail paint shade '134' which is a sunshine yellow colour.
- Models Own nail varnish shade 'Red n Black' which is definitely more black than red but I have wanted a shade like this for a while, so I applied it as soon as it arrived!
- MAC eye shadow colour 'Digit' which is not the usual colour eye shadow I opt for. Unless I am going on a night out, I stick to a trusty neutral beige eye shadow or avoid it completely but this shade is cute and more pigmented than I expected, it seems a good product to guide me into the winter months!
Overall I am very impressed (especially with free sweets!) and now always have my eyes open for blog sales! 
If anyone knows of any good ones going at the moment or has one themselves, please leave a comment, I would love to check it out! xoxo


  1. Really cool lipstick colour :)

  2. Wow, what a bargain! I have a Rimmel yellow polish in that colour but it's far too watery :( is Barry M's any better?

  3. I hate Rimmel nail polishes, I find they don't get on well with me at all! Yeah, I used the yellow this afternoon, it's really good, definitely recommend! xoxo

  4. Exciting! I love getting new things! haha but what sort of girl doesnt! teehee ^_^ Really would love to see how the red-black polish worked. Im intrigued by the combination lol =)