Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Wishlist 1

001. Black block t-shirt from Topshop, I saw this online and I think it looks quite expensive and could be a good day to night conversion item! I would end up buying it over-sized though for a more chilled out look i think.

002. Nails inc. matte black nail paint, I have been after some matte black nail paint for a while now, I think it has quite a grungy yet luxurious feel to it, whilst being, in a way, peculiar to other genres of nail paints (if nail paints have their own genres?!).

003.Whilst i'm not 100% decided on whether or not I quite like the exact shape of the black oval stone in the ring because - yes, I am very picky, the detail surrounding the stone is what attracted me to it. I also love both black and gold together which is another bonus however I ALWAYS lose rings! I don't know how but I can never find any when I need one - which I suppose is another reason to buy this one from ASOS?! Too many pros and cons!

004. River Island leather jacket, I tried this on last time I was in store, it looked so perfect but with a price tag of £140, there was no way I could afford it, bring on pay day please. This is by far the best leather jacket I have seen so far and I am lusting after it so badly at the moment, I wish I could control my money spending so that I can afford things like this! After all though, this is real leather and would be an investment piece, yes? I NEED it!

005. Topshop black eye shadow, I need some new black eye shadow after I dropped my old one on a night out causing it to shatter all over the toilet floor in a nightclub :'(  As were many, I was hesitant to try topshop's make-up range at first, but it is rapidly becoming my favourite.

006. Topshop leopard print leggings, these are dreamy! Wanted a pair for a very long time and in 9 days will be able to treat myself! I am in love with everything leopard print and I think these will look very chilled out and casual! Need clothing for my legs other than black skinny jeans anyway.

007. Finally, the greatly coveted Topshop Allegras! Such a wardrobe staple, I think I would struggle to find an outfit they didn't enhance, unless of course we are going down the full, bright orange tracksuit route - which, just to clarify, I am not planning on busting one out any time soon!

I am also after a tattoo, I have wanted one for an awfully long time now, but kept changing my mind as to what I wanted permanently tattooed onto my skin and where abouts it would actually be. Anyway, I have come to a final decision and would like a tattoo of a daisy chain on my foot. Not a really girly one, more like the one Peaches Geldof has along her leg and side but sticking to the foot rather than the entire length of my body! Not only can I not get a tattoo just yet, due to lack of funds but i'm due to give blood in early November so will need to wait until after then. I am quite excited to have finally made a decision regarding my tattoo dilemma but I am a bit of a wuss, so will be extremely nervous nearer the time, my friend owns a tattoo studio though so hopefully she will calm me down through the trauma as she sticks a needle through my skin! Oh dear, hope it's worth it. xoxo


  1. Like the sound of topshops eye shadow - i always forget they sell make up. What is the black eye shadow like? I currently use the Mac one and that is really pigmented. I tried Rimmel but that would stick to my eyelids :( The colour was really weak. x

  2. I haven't tried the black eye shadow from topshop just yet but got several others and they are quite long lasting but glittery, so looking forwards to buying one without the glitter from topshop! xo

  3. Great wish list, I love the boots x

  4. I think I wish almost everything you are wishing here =) ahah Those topshop boot ahh =)

    I loved your blog =)*


  5. I've been lusting after the boots for so long now.. It's so true that they would go with anything and everything! x

  6. You have excellent taste (as your wishlist is not overly dissimilar to my rapidly expanding one!) I must've somehow missed that RI jacket though - curse you for making my wishlist £140 more expensive! :)

  7. Ooh I like that leather jacket, wish it was a bit cheaper though! I keep seeing people wearing great leather jackets and it's making me want one too! x

  8. Annie.. we have the same taste!!

    Firstly.. did you get the Matt black, i've been searching for a decent one for ages???

    Secondly.. I also want this t-shirt but have issue with the price

    Thirdly.. amazing leather jacket!! this should be the one you get!!

    Fourthly.. as I own the boots and leggings!!!

    Hope you are well lovely xxx

  9. Hi Vicky!

    I ordered a matte black yesterday actually, will most likely post about it when it arrives! I went in store and tried on the top and yes, for the price, it didn't look all that amazing on :(
    Very jealous about the boots none in stock anywhere for my huge size 8 feet :( think I spotted them too late! xoxo