Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Me & Zena Haul

Late post but I thought I would show you what I bought from Me & Zena around Halloween time! I had never bought anything from Me & Zena before but with 50% off Halloween promotion, I couldn't really resist.

Anyway, my goodies came through the letterbox in this bright pink bag which I loved, got me really excited to open it! I was also impressed by the pretty little bags each piece came packaged in.

Leopard Necklace - £19 (I paid £9.50)

Vampire Teeth Necklace - £14 (I paid £7) - Probably my favourite purchase!

Maze Charm - £4 ( I paid £2) I have used this as a key ring for my car keys! It's a mini maze game with a moving ball! Got a bit too over excited for this!

Finally, as it was Halloween, I was promised a free gift which is always a bonus! I was hoping for a small piece of jewellery if i'm being honest This is what I received...
After deliberating whether to place this into my mouth or into my bath, I read the ingredients and saw a whole list of E numbers, I decided to eat it, was quite tasty actually! Really happy with this bunch and can't complain with 50% discount and a giant pumpkin sweet!

Have you ever bought anything from Me & Zena? xoxo


  1. Never heard of that site before, they have some lovely things though!

  2. I love me and zena, i boug the 'i love sweeties' necklace and blogged about it. LOVE the vampire teeth necklace!

    Holli x

  3. Jealous of the vampire teeth necklace! Also you're very brave eating that Halloween gift - it looks like a bath thing to me! XO

  4. Ahhh I really want the fang necklace, so gorgeous :) xxx

  5. omgoshhh these are all frickin awesome!! :D Xx