Thursday, 31 May 2012


Hello, hope you are all well, I have been away from blogging for a few months now! I don't really know why to be completely honest but there you go! The new blogger design is horrible and I still can't get used to it - not that it's really that new anymore! I'm hopefully going to try and get back into it! I have also lost the cable for my camera which doesn't help at all, hence the dodgy instagram picture!

Anyway, just a few things!
1. I have a new phone, a white samsung galaxy s2, I love it! Seriously don't know how I lived with my rubbish blackberry before!
2. A while back, I held a giveaway for 3 ciate crackle polishes, now I am back I am delighted to reveal that the winner is... Josephine Jade who I shall contact shortly, well done!
3. I am now on instagram, and pretty much obsessed with it! My username is annie_coco if you would like a nosy!
4. Typing this post has made me realise how boring my life is, I have been away for a couple of months and have nothing to say! Spent too much time being lazy in the sun obviously! xoxo


  1. Your hair is lovely curled and that lipstick looks fab on you!

    Michelle's Treasure Chest

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  3. I just gave you an award on my blog! :)xx

  4. I hate the new blogger layout as well. It switched automatically for a while and I managed to get the old interface back but I'm so worried about when it changes haha! Lovely blog! :)x

  5. your jumper looks very cool, where is it from? :)

  6. Welcome Back to the Blogging World :)

  7. welcome back to your slice of the internet pie :) but there's nothing wrong with having some lazy days in the sun, infact I wish I was having a lazy day in the sun right now ha ha

    Tanesha x

  8. Yay, welcome back :) Looks like I totally missed this in my reading list! (or GFC is rubbish...) Anyway, glad to see you back and your hair looks gorgeous in the photo :)