Friday, 6 April 2012

wishlist 2

Sorry for no post in nearly 2 weeks! I have been really busy, making the most of the sun, then once the Easter holidays began, I spent my whole week at work and now I am a little bit poorly, booo. Hopefully I will be able to squeeze in a few more posts this week! Not really able to afford any of the following on my wish list for a while as I have literally wasted my wages this month, have finally booked Amsterdam and would like some spending money for that, but still, I can dream.

001. Khaki Pocket Shorts from Topshop. Although I have only just bought 3, yes 3, pairs of khaki shorts, I want more! These are longer in length and I think the pocket detail is great. I think the white drawstring tie give these a really sporty casual look too.

002. Peace Vest from Topshop. Still so so so into dip dye clothes at the moment and and vest tops with love arms I love, especially as i can flash my tattoo off now! This top would go with so many things, short shorts or jeans for a casual look and I can think of a few black skirts I have that I could dress it up with.

003. Pink Plastic Raincoat from Miss Selfridge. Need this in time for festivals this year! I'm going to Reading and hopefully Summer Sundae too. I need a new raincoat and this is bright pink, possibly I could justify buying this...

004. Gold Triangle Studs from Topshop. Is it just me or are triangles the thing going? Genuinely I am triangle obsessed. I quite want a triangle tattoo too. Then again I want loads of tattoos. I just want everything really!

005. Dip Dye Tunic from Topshop. On the website this says petite but I have seen a non-petite version in store. Love this but I know I would wear it one time and then be over it. Or maybe not? I don't know but i want it! 

006. Scarf Print Playsuit from River Island. I would most likely only wear this on a night out and then complain about toilet hassles of playsuits! I like how the print runs down the centre of the suit and need some more classy items in my wardrobe asap! 

Also, is it really bad that I want this top? What's better than a vest top with a picture of Barbie, Ken and the rest of their plastic crew?! Probably quite a lot really.

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  1. I love the earrings! Makes me wish i had my ears pieced :(

    Thanks for the comment on my blog

  2. I love the earrings and the dip dye tunic!xx

  3. I love the barbie vest top - it's on of those got to be done things!

  4. I love the Topshop vest, would look lovely pair with leather leggings or ripped jeans! :)

    Frances x

  5. Love the Barbie vest - I was so tempted myself when I saw it on the website yesterday! Haha :)
    (Glad to hear Amsterdam is booked too!)

  6. Have a lovely and restful weekend!

  7. Great pieces, love the peace shirt

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  8. The barbie vest is so cute, i want it now too! x

  9. Some gorgeous pieces here! I'm in love with the barbie tee, where is it from? :) x

  10. the barbie vest is wicked! xx

  11. That raincoat is fabulous and I have been eyeing that Barbie t-shirt myself. Gotta love a bit of glam rock barbie. Great taste.

    Found you on:

    follow me back at: Much appreciated.

    Much love: Glampire.