Monday, 19 March 2012

What's Happened This Week? #1

1. This was the week I finally decided to cancel my glossybox subscription. Some products I loved, some I didn't which is kind of what you expect but GB's customer service I found pretty naff and they obviously wasted our time asking us to complete out beauty profiles. What's the point when they are ignored?! I prefer Carmine and the new SheSaid beauty boxes. Bring back Feel Unique!

2. Received an unconditional offer for Leeds Met Uni, so this year I will definitely be going away, wooohooo. Waiting to hear back from one more choice yet though.

3. Been attempting to sort through my clothes this week, not been all that successful! Everything is too small but i'm convincing myself things WILL fit soon! Dream on! I need to be brave and just get rid. I am also going to try a spending ban for a bit, try and save some money rather than blowing it all on non essential items no matter how much I reckon I need them!

4. Looked more into going to Amsterdam and we are hoping to book this week! Getting far too over excited. A big thanks to Claire at Don't Eat Leather who has been really helpful, and has given me so many ideas on places to visit and things to do, so thank you! 

Songs of the week:
I have decided each week along with my 'weekly round-up' post, to share a few songs I have been listening to. I love music and discovering new artists, so hopefully this might introduce people to some amazing stuff! Going to share some new music, some old gems and just random picks off albums that I enjoy :) 



  1. Aw thanks for the mention - you're very welcome :)
    Congrats on the unconditional as well!

  2. I feel the same about my Glossybox subscription, I'm on the verge of cancelling it! I need to find a replacement though, so will check out Carmine and SheSaid, thanks :) x

  3. i think the glossbox in UK is way better than here in germany :/ wish i could get one xD
    really nice blog you have here, dear :))


  4. I've cancelled GB too this month. Just can't justify it and i don't use most of the samples! Congrats on the uni offer!

  5. Thanks for the song recommendations! I love Daughter x

  6. Congratulations on the uni offer :)
    You've just reminded me I need to cancel my GB subsciption - I only subscribed to get the Harrods box!

  7. Well done on your offer!

    NRC ♥

  8. Congratulations on your offer! And it's a shame about the glossybox subscription..

    Love from the NaNa girls xoxo

  9. Lovely post! Check my blog and follow me if you want sweetie :X I`ll follow back !

  10. Thank you for your comment!
    Aha, yes, I found some real bargains!