Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Ear Cuffs

I was in town today with my friend Laura browsing a few shops after a delicious meal in Slug and Lettuce and stumbled across a few ear cuffs in Topshop and was really tempted to buy one. I particularly like the cuffs with the chains joined to an earring, giving you a stud for the ear lobe and a cuff for the top of your ear. I have seen a few mentions of ear cuffs on other blogs and I think they can look really good but I'm not sure if I would be able to pull one off! One of my ears has about a million piercings already anyway, don't want it to be a bit of an overkill! Anyway, here are a few that I have spotted online. 
1. A Peace Treaty
2. River Island
3. Topshop
4. Amazon
5. Asos

Asos also have some ear cuffs where on section attaches to your ear and the other, your hair! Too far?! I think so haha! They do look nice on the models but in real life, I know I would end up in a right mess with a chain attached to my hair! Going back into town on Friday for some proper shopping before work and I think I will pick an ear cuff up from Topshop, they had some really nice ones in store that aren't online yet.What do you think of ear cuffs? Have you ever tried any? xoxo


  1. I'm desperate for an ear cuff, the one from A Peace Treaty looks really nice. x

  2. I love them ive got a feather one from topshop, my other ear always looks a bit lost though xx

  3. I LOVE the river island one it is soo cute :) i want one.cute post xx

  4. niceeeeeee necklace ;)


  5. I love earcuffs! I have a few from Regal rose and I've made a few of the chain and stud ones too.
    That peace treaty one is a beaut!
    Awh yes I was! You should come say Hi next time, and if I have my camera I could snap you for the next style post :)

  6. I love ear cuffs, the one from topshop with the feathers on it is lovely :) xo

  7. i love the look of ear cuffs but im always scared t hey'll fall off :( I suppose one with a stud would work alright though!

    1. I'm addicted to my ear cuffs, I've picked up two great ones from Miss Selfridge, and the cuffs are quite tight, so I never fear they'll fall off. They usually retail at about £7 in there.

  8. The cuff from A Peace Treaty is so gorgeous!xx

  9. omg I want that feather one!! i really like the first one too!
    thanks for visiting btw! =) - xo